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"The development of expertise requires coaches who are capable of giving constructive, even painful, feedback.”

Source: K. Anders Ericsson, Michael J. Prietula, and Edward T.Cokely, “The Making of an Expert,” Harvard Business Review, July-August 2007.


The Bottom Line . . . . according to Jack Welch

In a recent Business Week article Jack  said,  "Executive Coaching generally works. The value of course depends on the quality of the coach.  This is a field where there is no specific training and certainly no formal accreditation. And there are some charlatans out there who simply tell you what you want to hear or don't have much feel for leadership, having never done it themselves." He further adds the "Good executive coaches can provide a truly important service. They can look you in the eye and tell you what no one else will, especially if you're the boss."



We are reshaping our coaching practice to help organizations get coaching more easily, and make it more affordable for many other organizations. 

Executive Coaching for Non-Profits

Top Level Coaching has worked with many organizations world-wide.  We have been very successful these past ten years. It’s time to give back. 

TLC would like to provide worthy non-profits executive leadership coaching pro-bono.  We will provide the same process that we do for profit-based companies.  We will donate 25% of our time to help non-profits. 

The key reason non-profits do not do as much coaching . . .  is cost.  Leaders are left on their own to develop themselves.  They don’t have anyone to challenge, push, or encourage them to get better. Their leaders want coaching, but the organization simply can’t afford it.

We want to remove those obstacles and provide non-profits a quality coaching.  If we help the non-profits cultivate better leaders, then the effect will have flow-through.  Their leaders can then help others in need.

If you know of an non-profit organization that needs executive coaching, just refer their CEO or other key leader to me.  I will set up a conference call, to discuss their candidates and the organization’s need. 

We will conduct a leadership assessment, create a development plan, and start working on key issues.  We will work with the leader for three months, virtually, face-to-face, or a combination of both.

Please call Rob directly at 513-772-5115 or contact him for more information.


Here's a video that discussed the value of coaching. Marshall also talks about the reason he gives provides pro-bono coaching to others.

An exclusive interview with Jim Yong Kim, M.D., Ph.D., 12th President of the World Bank Group - conducted by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith for this year’s World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS).


Our mission is to help successful leaders achieve
positive long-term, measurable changes in behavior.


We provide executive leadership coaching to businesses in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, and Lexington Kentucky. Most are within a two-hour drive of Cincinnati. We can also provide executive coaching world-wide using state-of-the-art technology.

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Coaching Facts

65% companies provide coaching for their leaders.

Coaching is fairly split among four levels, C-level, VPs, directors, and mangers.

46% use coaching to change behaviors.

63% of coaches are external.

43% report increases in coaching budgets and 70% expect increases in next three years.

- CLO Magazine 4/06 


Executive Leadership Coaching



Executive Leadership Coaching gets 788% ROI
The Manchester Group measured the return on investment of customized executive coaching for leaders of Fortune 1000 companies.
* They found that executive coaching produces a 529% ROI and significant intangible benefits to the business. Including the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%. Executive coaching returns an average of six times the cost of the coaching program.